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Why be trained by us?

  • Industry Connected

    Caren Hession Vocal Studios is well connected to leading Industry Professionals, from huge profile mentors to successful artists in the popular music industry.

  • Unique Teaching Philosophy

    Our solution-orientated teaching philosophy aims to promote self-belief, adopt positive change, instil discipline, inspire purpose and motivate education in singers of all levels and abilities by nurturing talent, fostering creativity and embracing mistakes in a safe and supportive environment

  • Opportunities for Development

    With our primary aim being to support, educate and mentor singers in achieving their unique vocal vision, we regularly offer fun and creative development opportunities through our Industry Mentorship Events, Green Room Band Sessions, Student Showcases, Community Choir and Professional Development Programme.

  • Research-Led Education

    Our tuition is based on current research in the field of Voice Science, Rhythm and Beat Perception and Pedagogy, passionately providing dedicated tailored tuition, as well as access to leading educators and researchers in the world of voice studies

  • Specialist in Special Needs

    With over ten years' experience working in the area of Special Needs, Caren Hession (PhD) has conducted, published and presented pioneering research in the field of Equine Therapy on many prestigious international platforms, helping individuals to realise, achieve and discover more about their potential as creative and independent individuals

"Seeking meaning, finding substance and unwrapping layers are all part of a complex process of discovery, explored by those who are brave enough to bear witness to who they are"

- Ger Leslie -

  • "Her genuine love for people, as well as her relentless passion to deliver education and opportunities to those seeking personal and artistic development, really shines through and it's been my personal pleasure to work with her as a colleague."
    Joshua Alamu - Education & Development Mentor

  • "As a mentor she has a knack of encouraging her students to find their true voice by digging deeper emotionally thus showing their true personality. She can also help solve problem areas technically by unlocking parts of a voice through a clear and uncluttered pedagoloical approach."
    Richard Halton & Julie Gossage - Musical Theatre Coaches

  • "She is one of the most intelligent, dedicated and professional people that I know. Her vision and purpose with music and neuroscience is a game changer for the world."
    Miguel Manzo - Vocal Coach