Dr. Caren Hession

With over ten years' experience in education and academia, Caren's first love remains being dedicated to assisting individuals of all levels and abilities, to realise and fulfil their unique potential.

Her PhD work, which focused on Rhythm and Beat Perception and its role in promoting social, emotional, behavioural and cognitive development, has been widely presented on many prestigious platforms, in Ireland, Greece, the Netherlands, the UK, Taiwan, Poland, Germany and the USA.

Through the medium of music and the voice, Caren strives to provide a platform where students can fully explore and express both themselves and their voice without limitation.

As a passionate, down to earth, caring and dedicated individual, she aims to instil singers with a sense of belief, purpose and direction for their talents and ultimately promote a unique and authentic sense of self by nurturing creativity and fostering valuable life skills.

  • "Caren is the fulcrum for encouraging motivation, self confidence, and belief. Her interests are far from personal, but rather seeking every individual's growth is her purpose"
    Heathcliffe Balzan Pianist, Band Leader and Musical Director, Malta

  • "Coupled with her own musical background and educational achievements this lady offers a unique experience tailored to meet the individual needs of every person she trains...hand on my heart, she is truly exceptional"
    Miriam Costello - Midwife, Westmeath

  • "One of those rare people you meet in life that can have such a positive, and indeed, life-changing impact on you! What Caren does is magical, beautiful and soulful, and far more than just singing! She really does give people the opportunity to shine, to grow in confidence, to reach their potential in such a beautiful way and to truly believe in themselves, often when others have knocked them down before"
    Sandra Moran, Graduate Studies, NUI Galway