Spiritus Studios

Spiritus Studios (SS) offers singing lessons to those with special needs, aimed to improve their social, emotional, behavioural and cognitive development. Based on PhD research conducted by Dr Caren Hession in the field of Equine Therapy (Rhythm and Beat Perception), SS strives to assist students to flourish and engage in functional society.

Through the development of vocal technique, vocal style and performance skills, SS provides a platform where participants can develop a greater sense of self expression, confidence and self esteem as well as fundamental life and learning skills including social interaction, rhythmic timing, memory, attention, communication, cognitive processing, understanding of emotions and decision making.

  • "One of the most intelligent, dedicated and professional people that I know. Her vision and purpose with music and neuroscience is a game changer for the world"
    Miguel Manzo - International Vocal Coach, Barcelona

  • "Little did I think... the impact working with Caren would have. My daughter was struggling badly at the time - attention span, melt downs and school were all suffering badly. Within weeks we saw a tremendous difference..."
    Michelle Frawley - Parent, Galway

  • "It has given me a lot of confidence so I can sing anywhere I can now. I found the vocal exercises Caren gave me for singing songs, helped my singing voice and my everyday voice... I hope this will help younger people in the same situation as me."
    Emma Griffin - Student, Limerick