It's Time To Build A New Foundation
January 5th, 2021

It’s time to build a new foundation!❤️

Every child needs only one mother. Because a mother’s love is a fountain that knows no bounds. It is not limited to her off spring but to any mouth that needs to be fed and any child that needs to be held close. But as for fathers... I believe that we can never have enough pillars in our lives. I have been blessed with several strong pillar people throughout my life, the most influential of all being these two. Whilst many of you will only recognise these two by their Saturday night or Sunday best (or Dad from his Thursday night choir attire), my favourite pictures are those in their working clothes. It reminds me of where we came from and that nothing in this life comes without some hard graft; where the heart, the mind and the hand strive to work in unity. 

As we enter another phase in this global pandemic I hold fast to the belief that this is our universal time to sow. And so for the first time ever, we will extending our Christmas holiday period and closing our (online) doors for another week; to plan, to plant and to pursue a purpose of music, magic and transformation in ourselves and in the service of others.

Remember, to live is to grow, and one cannot grow without first being pushed into darkness. 

It’s time to build a new foundation! So hang tight, and start sowing! Beautiful things are coming!❤️

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The Gifts Of Singing
November 3rd, 2020

I have an obsession with delph. In particular serving dishes and cake plates! The prettiness and the sharpness when everything is neatly and perfectly presented… it literally warms my heart and excites me! Everything looks and tastes better on a nice plate!

If I was to think about it, I would say my obsession began with my Mum at Christmas time. The only time of the year when all the fancy dessert dishes came out of the cupboards and we used the dinner plates with the silver trim. The rippling glassed trifle bowls with the individual layers of fruit and jelly clearly visible. The shape of the mince pies freshly crusted in their little tins and served on a bright red Christmas tree shaped cake plate with snowflakes of icing sugar! The scoops of mash, the balls of sausage stuff and crystal cut drinking glasses sparkling on the red table cloth. The napkins, the cake knifes and the clinking of dishes. The sounds of happy. The memory is indeed divine!  

I reminisce on those days often. It’s probably why I like Christmas so much. 

And even though Christmas is only a stones throw away, it is quite clear this year that everything is far from perfect. 

One of the things that truly make a great Christmas and a great life in general is that feeling of togetherness that each of us is clearly lacking at the moment. And the consequences of such are evident in our singing voices!

For many of us, singing has been a life line to navigate through these trying times but there are also many others who are struggling with their desire and ability to sing right now. 

And the reason is this. 

The voice is an holistic instrument and understanding how to mechanically unlock your talent without considering broader energy systems within the mind, body and soul is just not enough.

Each and everyone of us thrive on having a degree of control over our lives. From what we eat, to what we wear, where we go, what we do and who we spend our time with. And at this moment in time, that feeling of captaincy appears to have been taken away as we are relentlessly at the mercy of this blasted virus. And without our every day releases, there has been a huge increase in physical and emotional stress. 

But even though there is no coming out of this pandemic any time soon, there are glimmers! And at times you can almost smell it in the air! That cock of the north feeling when the weather begins to turn and you can ride your new bicycle to school, the first, fresh, weightless taste of independence, responsibility and freedom.

The answer lies in those days. When our focus was on simply having fun, being kind and spreading good cheer without a second thought of the time, space, consequence or obligation. And its days like these that the pandemic has forced us to thankfully, though reluctantly, revive. 

As the festive season approaches, take time to breathe and ignite those little moments from our childhood, where creativity and goodwill flowed and we built empires from the contents of Christmas crackers.

Let your song be a Disney movie, a whole box of chocolates, a dirty take away, cartoons in your pjs, a sleep in, a phone call with an old friend, a cycle in the park. 

The voice was never meant to be a mechanical instrument. It was designed to be one of growth and survival, connection and appreciation. 

And singing was never supposed to be about perfection either. That’s what cake plates and serving dishes are for! 

The Voice Never Lies
September 8th, 2020

I often think about those days when we were kids. Cartoons in our pjs on a Sunday morning while Mom prepared breakfast. Spaghetti hoops on toast! I wouldn’t eat them now but back then they surely were the bees knees. Dogtanian, Babar, Care Bears, Madeline even Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. You can tell I had brothers. God it was bliss! 

We were never stuck or overwhelmed. And we certainly never lacked motivation! We never held back when there was a song to be sung either! Regardless of whether or not we were in tune!

Yet all these years later, here we are. Full of questions and reservations, self doubt and exhaustion. For life, for our jobs, our careers, our relationships and our purpose.

But it's not confidence that we lose! It’s trust.

Sometimes I wonder what happens to us all, that we spend an entire lifetime inserting chapters into a story that isn’t really our true self, getting stuck in a broken system we feel obliged to conform to when deep down we know that the person we see before us isn’t fully aligned with the person we are born to be.

And because of this we gradually lose the courage to dream big! Not because the desire has waivered but because it’s just so hard to have confidence when the path ahead isn’t clear. When we’ve no idea who we truly are and what were striving for.

But the voice never lies. 

It was not designed to be silent but rather requires us to give life to our own unique melody, line by line, chapter by chapter. To rediscover the truth in our tone, regardless of whether or not that involves a career in singing and ultimately to help us build and rebuild, a foundation where success is achieved, not just by trying but by learning to trust our inner selves. 

This journey has never been about singing, but about being our whole selves, warts and all. 

I live for the moments like these at our studio. Moments of self discovery, self trust, openness and appreciation. Of sharing and receiving, healing and recovery, clarity and unity, vision and purpose. Of overcoming, time and time again, the lessons of life, where singing is at the heart of all that is good and pure.

You have been given a voice for a reason and for some of us, it’s all we’ve got! 

Use it to leave your mark on the world.

It’s not the practice but the process after all! 

Never Be Afraid To Change Direction
June 9th, 2020

How well the metaphor of life is referred to as a journey. A winding path of twists and turns that each of us has come to know and embark on. A journey fused with a whirlpool of emotions and tranquil beauty, and no indication of how or where we will end up, but a knowing that we must embark on this journey as the only constant passenger on our ever bustling train.

I’d be lying if I said I had a wealth of courage within me for this kind of adventure. I’d also be lying if I said 10 years of third level education had left me any wiser on the greater scheme of things.

But there are some lessons I have learned along the way.

One thing we often forget is that there are many paths to the same place, and in the end all routes will eventually lead us to our final destination. The important part is to find, and live your truth along the way.

Sometimes not following the already broken path can be seen as failure or quitting. That’s ok.

Sometimes it really is a great opportunity, it's just not a great opportunity for you. That’s ok.

Sometimes it’s the perfect path for your future you, it’s just not the preferred path for you at this precise moment in time. That’s ok.

Sometimes it’s the everything you’ve spent your life working for, you just didn’t account for changes that life would make on you as a person in the meantime.

And thats ok.

Sometimes it's not about changing your mind, it’s about listening to your heart. And if every ounce of a path goes against your inner grain, it’s time to find a new story. 

Remember, magic always happens outside the lines!

Never be afraid to change direction. ‘There are no mistakes, only detours’!

Don't lose yourself in the wind of other peoples sails.

This journey is simply about being your own kind of beautiful!

Fear Is An Inside Job
May 12th, 2020

If you had told us at the start of 2020 that the whole world would be on a lockdown in a few short weeks because of a deadly virus, we would have found it very hard to believe. Many of us would have even laughed at the absurdity!

But here we are, a few months in, living the unimaginable.

For the first time in our living history our entire universe has shut down, an unprecedented pandemic, with everyones primary focus being on not letting the virus in!

Everywhere, social distancing restrictions have propelled our normal routines into uncertainty, and with it a sense of fear, worry and anxiety that hits us all, in some form or another, in waves.

While this is a huge catastrophe to get our heads around, I have to ask the question, is it the fear of the pandemic we are facing or is it something more?

Many of us have spent our days hiding behind the masks of work, school, study and other daily mundane routines. The endless must do’s and have to’s. Letting the outside world take over our inside lives.

But things have changed. Right now the world is at a standstill. Our lives are on pause. And we have been catapulted into a world where our hearts must find a way out.

As with everything else right now, we have come to realise that this is an inside job!

And though we can’t go back to the way things used to be, we now have an opportunity to relight our inner beacon, to move forward with a new path and a new perspective. A space where creativity and imagination are championed and all things are made possible!

This time has taught us that we need less of what’s on the outside and more of what’s on the inside to give meaning to our lives. And cultivating that sense of power begins at home! Whether it's with your family, your children, your environment, your mental health, your diet or your soul. It all begins and already exists, within. 

Surely that is something to be fearless about??!

Perhaps the most courageous thing we can do during this madness is to take a moment to listen to that little voice inside us all. What would it say?! 

I am pretty sure it would be something like… ‘You are strong, trust me, we got this’.

You are strong, trust me, we got this!

Let It Lead You Home
March 24th, 2020


Even without all the chaos that surrounds us right now, that word seems to be a foreign language to many of us. Like we are unsure whether to roll our eyes at it or dive in and consider it.

But why?

Culturally, we are all too familiar with phrases such as, ‘don’t be getting a head of yourself’, ‘you’ve more than most’ or ‘you didn’t do too bad’. And countless times, we have lost faith. Faith in ourselves, in our voice, in our people, in our profession, in politics, in humanity, and even in a greater being.

I used to think that there was only a limited amount of joy or good luck in the world, and that taking a share, would result in a deficit for someone else. It took me a long time to realise that this is not the case.

Although, historically abundance may not have been part of our past, that does not mean it has to miss out on our future.

Right now, we are living in unprecedented times, but despite all the loss, worry, pain and stress we are currently experiencing, our lives are abundant!

Everywhere acts of love, joy, creativity, fun and spontaneity are flourishing and expanding, and giving us back our greatest asset, our sense of wonder and imagination!

We have been given a unique opportunity; a blank canvas to rewrite our stories and give voice to a new truth. And a chance to do this, not from a gut that whispers us ‘we are safe’, but rather a heart that sings ‘we are open’! It’s time to write your story!

At its very core, our being is made up of music. Our heart, our brain, our locomotion and almost every single thing in our bodies and in the universe is playing its own rhythm. And its this rhythm connects, unites and defines us!

I have no doubt that there will be tough days ahead but I truly believe that the greatest journey we will make at this time, is the journey we will take within ourselves.

We were born to live abundant lives and these are unprecedented times.

Let it lead you to your truth. Let it lead you home!

Fight Fear With Information
March 3rd, 2020


Have you ever wondered what happened to us at all?! 

Ask a child what they want to be when they grow up, and the sky is the limit. Ask an adult, and we find a million different reasons not to acknowledge or live out our purpose. 

With so many expectations of society these days, it’s difficult to put any mark on the world, let alone a significant one! For most of us, all we really want is to fit in and live a simple life.

However, even living a simple life with truth and integrity, can be a monumentous task. Especially when our truth is a little left of centre to society’s norm and our fear of failure, judgment and rejection kicks in. And probably the biggest battle of all is the vulnerability that comes with that.

For many years I used to think anxiety was something other people felt, for a whole list of reasons, none of which I had. That was until it started to knock on my door. It took me a long time to realise that despite being quite happy, I wasn’t fully living my truth or my purpose.

One thing I have really learned to lean on is to ‘Fight Fear With Information’.

1) Fear is always going to be a player in the game of life. However, it can actually be a good indication that we are on the right path to become better version of ourselves. 

2) Failure is nothing more than a perception of a moment. Surely we’re old enough to know now that some moments are bigger than the time frame they occupy, right? 

3) We are not supposed to have all the answers right away! At the moment we are simply gathering pieces of a puzzle. Information that may or may not prove useful. 

4) Even the tiniest seed has to be pushed into darkness, buried and broken before it can blossom and bear fruit. This is all part of a greater process! 

For the most part, living a life of truth is about learning to listen and give importance to that voice within! And only by doing so, can you truly find a strength and purpose, independent of external approval or reassurance.

Whatever the melody of your heart, know that the light that shines within you is valuable and impactful, and your voice and its position in the world can make a difference.

Never be afraid of that.

You Are Not The Sum Of The Things You Lack
February 21st, 2020

You Are Not The Sum Of The Things You Lack

What would the world look like if we all opted to lift each other up, instead of, as a society, putting each other down?

What if we were encouraged and supported to live our true potential, independent of hierarchy, fear and ego? Instead of being assigned into little compartmental boxes to better fit the world that has been created for us.

Would you live a different life? Would you be a different person?

One of my dreaded questions is, ‘what do you do for a living’. I never quite feel I fully fit into the solo role of a vocal coach, nor a singer, nor a teacher but more that I am the sum of several parts.

In the past I have been a shop assistant, a baby sitter, an art teacher, a special needs assistant, a writer, a photographer, a sculptor, a videographer, a song writer, a researcher, a creator and an educator. Today, some of the roles I feel most proud of is that of Auntie, Friend and Mentor.

I am sure I’m not the only one!

Did we choose the wrong path? Or have we simply been gathering pieces of a puzzle to enable us to ‘make a life’ as apposed to a ‘living’?!

With all the pressures of society, I feel it’s very easy to fall into the dark waters of ‘comparison’  and ‘not good enough’ within the roles that we are living today, whether it is as a mother, a singer, a teacher, an entrepreneur or a deli assistant. 

Sometimes all we really need is someone to believe in us!

Whatever your goals are for 2020, be it singing or otherwise, trust that you are not the sum of the things you lack, but rather a puzzle that is perfectly whole and perfectly complete. We just haven’t fully figured out the blue print yet!

Heres to another wonderful year for MATVI and RISE Choir! 

Thank you for being part of the journey!

Love Caren  

#aspiretoinspire #togetherweareone #somuchmorethansinging

On The Couch with Julie Gossage
August 6th, 2018

Well it wouldn't be right if I didn't grab Julie Gossage for an 'On The Couch' session during their visit in Ireland last April! Here's what she had to say during a very interesting conversation about Honesty, Emotions and Acceptance in Singing!! This is certainly one that many of our singers will relate to! Thank you so much Julie! <3

This is for you if:

> You have a fear of singing/performing but feel drawn to pursue singing lessons

> You would like to know why it is so important to be truthful when expressing the lyrics of a song

> You are interested to hear how cultural mindset can influence your singing journey

> You are curious to understand why being 'who you are' is so integral to your artistic and personal development

> You are keen to know how singing lessons can provide you with confidence in all walks of life

'Sometimes good things fall apart, so better things can fall together'
January 31st, 2018

I always find January rather a difficult time of year. Following the emotional rollercoaster that is Christmas, January is very much a month where I personally feel time stands still forcing us to reflect on the year just gone - and for anyone who knows me, 'standing still' is not something I do very well! 

That being said, as difficult as 'standing still' sometimes is to master, these periods of reflection can bring about great change. They can clarify visions, breathe life into new ideas and of course, give us that all important (but not always welcomed!), 'push' outside our comfort zone!! 

There have certainly been times in my life where I have felt the rug being pulled from underneath me, without any prior knowledge or consent, but one thing I have learned, is that these experiences often allow for the most beautiful of flowers to blossom. 

In truth, they become a lesson in 'trust' - to brush the dust off ones knees, accept that status of the situation and believe wholeheartedly that fate has a better story for you than initially anticipated. 

If January has been one of those months for you, take time to be still and ask yourself this one important question ‘what do you want?’ At the end of the day I truly believe there are no mistakes, only colours and detours. 

As my dearest friend Joshua says, ‘all that matters is the voice, the music and the heart’.

The rest is just small stuff.

Let 2018 be YOUR time to shine! 

On The Couch with Adam Ryder Rust
October 3rd, 2017

'Never let where you are, affect where you would like to be'... <3 

It's no secret that I love a good yarn but I genuinely could have talked to Mr Adam Ryder Rust all weekend!!! Probably one of the most humble and sincere (not to mention fiercely talented!!) individuals I have ever met, Adam is currently on tour with none other than one of Joshua's signed clients, Mr JP Cooper! From working as a touring musician, education, opportunities, chasing dreams and mental health, Adam offers an in-depth and insightful perspective of life on the road. 

This 'On The Couch' session was as much a treat for me, as I'm sure it will be for all of you! We are forever indebted to you Adam Ryder! You have inspired us more than you know! <3 

(Apologies about the noisy location! When opportunity knocks, you gotta open the door!)

This is for you if:

> You would like to know how experimenting with different musical styles/genres, can help you develop a unique, authentic sound

> You are keen to learn how the platforms for music have changed and why finding your USP (Unique Selling Point) is so important 

> You hate the spotlight but would love to work within the music scene and would like to know what other options are available to you

> You are interested to hear some valuable tips on chasing your dreams, life on tour, making the most of opportunities and saying 'YES' now and learning later!

> You are curious to know why increasing your knowledge and skill base can make you less expendable within the Industry

> You are curious about the up's and down's of an artists journey and how life as a musician can impact your mental health

'Love someone where they are now'
September 14th, 2017

‘Love someone where they are now’ - probably one of the most powerful and insightful phrases I have heard all year. 

In a society that has put so much expectation on us to be something or someone, it is no wonder that most of us struggle with the act of simply just ‘being’. Our position in the rat race has become our measure of self-worth and with that, our mission of living a meaningful life is blindsided by terms like ‘when’, ‘just’, ‘after’ and ‘once’  - resulting in a continuous, never-ending pursuit of an intangible destination.

Worse still, we in turn have learned to put our expectations on others - to be whom and what we need them to be or to live the life we see for them, and thus inevitably setting them up for failure, and us for disappointment! 

But how do we change this?

I believe that loving someone ‘just as they are’ (for all the Bridget Jones fans out there!) is key to facilitating change, implementing growth and inspiring transformation.  Allowing someone the space to figure how they are and what they want to achieve, and accepting (and supporting) their desires without judgement, can truly be the greatest ‘nourishment’ one can give even the smallest of seeds!

The hard part… is that this will most likely have to begin with loving yourself ‘where you are’ first!

You see, sometimes life isn’t so much about learning at all but rather ‘unlearning’- unlearning to be the person society told us to be and recognising the person we are instead.

Owning your own story, presenting it to the world and daring to step forward against all expectations (and disappointments), again and again, will certainly lead you to a more fulfilling existence!

That’s probably why I love the art of singing so much!

As a new term begins at our studio, I invite you all to take a deep breath! And remember… ‘Courage is not the absence of fear, but rather the judgement that something else is more important’.

Let that something be YOU!

After all, there’s a reason our logo has a heart on it! 

A Dream Without A Plan Is Just A Wish
August 2nd, 2017

Have you ever noticed how sometimes a song can linger, long after the person who sang it has left the building? Recently, Patti LaBelle’s ‘Two Steps Away’ has been playing on repeat in my mind - primarily because it reminds me that every day we are just two steps away from making a decision from a place of love or fear, and that these two directions can hugely impact the course of our lives.

Like in singing, our ability to deliver a song with intention and clarity, through our physical expression and our vocal styling, can significantly help us to convey the emotion of a song in an authentic and meaningful manner and to create a lasting connection with our audience.

But what about real life?!

Many of us battle daily with the questions surrounding ‘our purpose’. We let ‘practicality’ and social conditioning stand in the way of our dreams and our desires. We procrastinate, but mostly this procrastination comes from a place of indecision and uncertainty.  We see the ‘boxes’ of those laid down by people before us, and wreak our brains trying to decide which ‘box’ best suits us and our lifestyle.

But life was not meant to be lived by someone else’s game plan.

Anyone who knows me knows that one thing I always say, is that there are more opportunities/avenues/outcomes in any decision we are faced with, than those that are first presented. Nothing is black and white and it’s your job to paint your own picture.

The key is AWARENESS! Awareness in who you are, in what you stand for and in who you would like to become!

A great spiritual teacher, writer, psychotherapist and public speaker Anthony De Mello once said ‘the enlightened person can do no wrong’.

It is only through awareness that one can fully move forward fearlessly and implement a lifestyle with the intention to bring about a positive change, in the pursuit of an end vision.  

And this all sounds great; apart from the fact the today’s society never seems to allow us the time for self-awareness, reflection and evaluation!

But isn’t time an illusion? Something we too often falsely believe we possess?!

I may not do alot of things this summer, but I will certainly be taking a ‘crash’ time out to reassess my journey.

After all, it’s only two steps away!

On The Couch with Richard Halton
May 30th, 2017

Following an incredible workshop last month, I grabbed Richard Halton for a little 'On The Couch' session!! Here's what he had to say about Acting Through Song, Storytelling and Character, with some essential advise on connecting to your audience through the text and the importance of good vocal technique!

You won't want to miss this one! <3

This is for you if:

> You are keen to learn how to bring a character to life through a song

> You are interested in connecting with and keeping the attention of your audience

> You are curious to understand why good vocal technique is so important for self expression

> You would like some valuable preparation tips for an upcoming audition or workshop

> You are interested to learn more about the difference between Musical Theatre, Operatic and Contemporary style singing

'The Enemy Within'
May 23rd, 2017

Recently I met with an old mentor who, upon discussing a new creative idea which I was finding difficult to manifest into tangible form, proclaimed... 'find new terms of reference'.  

I cannot emphasize how much this statement impacted me right there and then, and really made me think. 

So often we live our lives within the confines of a conditioning society, afraid to reach out and try something new, for fear that doing so will isolate us from the herd. 

And this is through no fault of our own! Our inherent instincts have taught us to run for survival once we reach the edges of our comfort zones. For years, the only way our species could literally avoid being eaten alive, was to be continuously anxious and on guard - always ready for and expecting the worst. 

As such, by nature our brains evolved to detect negative experiences much faster than positives ones - making us at heart, a glass half empty kind of nation. 

Worse still, our perception of new experiences are not necessarily factual, they are merely our survival instincts premature classification of a potential threat - without full assessment or fair judgement, because the situation "reminds" us of a former event. They are simply pieces of a puzzle which our brain, when under pressure, forces to make fit and dismiss.  

But what if we didn't? What if we stayed and faced our fears head on? What if we didn't accept everything at face value, didn't get suckered into the negative feelings of the past or the fears of failing in the future?

The truth is, the real enemy in all of this is not the society in which we live, it is the little voice we find within. The little voice that makes us feel we are not good enough, we are not worthy, we are unlovable and we are doomed for disappointment. 

Thankfully, we now know that shifting our mindset to more positive 'terms of reference' is attainable and that it is also possible to make better memories - against the odds of those which our survival mode has filed away. Failure in the future at some point in our lives is inevitable but it is not always such a bad thing. Life is full of peaks and valleys. The important thing is how we use them to our advantage.

In the meantime, make time to slow down, re-assess, re-evaluate, re-charge and re-wire. In the end, it really is all down to you! I guess this is where, practice doesn't make perfect, but the right practice can certainly come close!

On The Couch with Michelle Frawley
April 25th, 2017

This month, I am delighted to feature Michelle Frawley in a very special 'On The Couch' session. As a parent of a child with Special Needs, Michelle offers a very intimate and insightful perspective on the impact of singing lessons on her daughter Alisha as she talks about temper tantrums, emotional processing, learning ability and developing self-confidence.

This is for you if:

> You are curious about the benefits of singing for a child with Special Needs

> You would like to know how music can improve learning ability

> You are keen to assist your child to better manage and self-regulate their emotions 

> You are interested to hear the impact singing has on promoting self-confidence

>  You would like to learn more about the influence music has on child development and self-expression 

Six Tips for 'Managing A Successful Artistic Career'
March 30th, 2017

My Dad likes to remind me, ‘you cannot look back and make a brand new start, but you can look forward and make a brand new ending’.

By now, I hope that you are well on the road to achieving your vocal vision for 2017 – whether that is to invest in yourself and your gift and finally commence singing lessons, to push your talents to new heights and delve outside your comfort zone on your own artistic journey or to finally take the plunge and pursue a singing career. While all of these are worthy accomplishments, if that latter two particularly describe your situation, then this blog is for you.

Following an incredible workshop on Stage Performance and Charisma with International Performer and Creative Explorer Randolph Matthews as part of Mad About The Voice Ireland’s Industry Mentorship Events, I would like to present, what Randolph considers to be, six key areas of essential focus and continual development for ‘Managing A Successful Artistic Career’ - regardless of whether you are a complete amateur or a buzzing professional. These six areas are as follows:

1)      Identity – Your ‘brand’, how people see you in this world, is imperative to your success as an artist or a musician. While developing your brand can be a very difficult process, consider the kind of person you want to be instead. Is your music and aesthetical persona reflective of this? How about your presence on social media? Are you creating ample opportunities for ‘your fans’ to connect and engage with you and what you represent?
2)      Performance Opportunities – Are you frequently seeking new opportunities, via events, alternative platforms and specific people, to share your work?
3)      Networking – At this stage we all know the importance of social media, however what about your physical presence? Are you building relationships with people in the relevant areas in which you wish to make an impact?
4)      Skills – We cannot emphasis enough the necessity of continual practice and development of your craft. However, your craft does not stop (or start) at vocal training. Developing your stage craft is also very important. Also consider your writing and musical abilities.
5)      Team Management – Are you looking after your team? Do they, as a collective group, understand the vision you wish to achieve? Have you been clear in making them aware of this? It is not possible to do everything on your own so please ensure you have the right people around you, who can support and assist you in manifesting your goals.

And finally,
6)      Maximising Existing Opportunities – Always be grateful for the opportunities that have already been bestowed on you and seek to optimise them to the best of your potential. Remember, the impression you leave someone can greatly change your course of events.
Are there any aspects of these six points you have yet to invest time into? Have you noticed any weaker areas that need addressing? If so, the good news is that now is the perfect to break old habits and start new ones! As always, re-assess, make a plan and move forward!

On The Couch with Debbie Scerri
March 15th, 2017

Delighted to present our latest 'On The Couch' session with EUROVISION WINNER and professional singer Debbie Scerri as she talks about her Eurovision experience and shares some valuable advice on developing your craft and competing in competitions!  ❤

This is for you if...

  • You are interested in exploring new avenues for your vocal talent
  • You are curious about the Eurovision as a platform for your career
  • You are looking for advice on continual artistic practice and development 
  • You are interested in joining a choir or singing backing vocals
  • You are looking for a fresh perspective on competing in competitions

Singing is so much more than melody on words. It has the ability to transform!
February 20th, 2017

With the festival of love behind us, it seems Valentine's Day was more of a hindrance than a celebration for several people, particularly those without a significant other. However, whilst loving yourself can be a difficult concept for many people, developing an appreciation for oneself might just be an easier affair.

This year I have grown a huge appreciation for my own voice - two tiny vocal cords positioned in my larynx which vibrate and resonate within the internal structures of my body, transforming my thoughts and feelings into something comprehensive and tangible, and providing an important means to share them with the world.

And yet, is it interesting to see how many people question the reasoning behind investing in themselves and their singing voice. Consumed by thoughts that they aren't good enough, it's a waste of time or money or simply the perceived ridiculousness of the idea 'at their age'.

The truth is the voice is one of the most intimate and internally connected parts of our inner selves. It is the voice of our emotions and an essential form of communication to and from the soul. Our ability to use our voice, whether through verbalisation or singing can hugely impact our personality and day to day existence.

Engaging in singing lessons is more than just developing an interesting hobby. It can shape our learning ability, emotional processing, communication skills, memory and motor performance as well as our ability to pay attention, process information in sequential order and respond accordingly. It can also promote confidence, self-worth, self-esteem and relaxation.

From personal experience, the pursuit of singing lessons has taught me more about myself and the feet I stand on than any other course I have engaged in. Even more so has the experience of vocal coaching. In an oft-times superficial society, the opportunity to work with singers, encouraging and nurturing them to find and develop their authentic self as well as their position in the world has been one of the upmost rewarding experiences.

Singing is so much more than melody on words. It has the ability to transform the deepest of wounds and open the darkest of hearts - but only to those who are brave enough to dive in and explore their self-worth.

Loving your voice may not start today, but appreciating the potential of the talent you possess (no matter how small), certainly can!

On The Couch with Laura Phelan
January 31st, 2017

Check out our latest 'On The Couch' session with Ms Laura Phelan as she talks about her vocal journey, delving outside her comfort zone and developing her identity through music and the voice! <3

This is for you if...

  • You are hesitant about pursuing singing lessons and exploring your voice
  • You feel drawn to return to singing after a period of absence
  • You are interested in discovering and developing your personal and vocal identity
  • You are curious about the transition from classical to more contemporary style vocal training
  • You are interested in pushing your talent outside your comfort zone

It's only mid January and already I have failed...
January 17th, 2017

It's only mid January and already I have failed. Those New Year resolutions I spent so long pondering over only two week ago are already down the drain, and that's okay.

While the New Year is a stage for new plans, new you's and new starts, I believe that this time should actually be more focused towards our long term goals. The reason being that every morning should be a 'new start', to take a look at and reassess our daily actions and to see if these actions are bringing us that one step closer towards realising our dreams.

Remember, 'a vision is a dream with a deadline'. When your goals are set, whether they are weekly, monthly or yearly, the best route to take YOU there is almost guaranteed to change, as both you and the year progress. As many Irish folk have already heard, there are more ways than one to skin a cat and it is essential that your 'why', your vision and your end goals, follow a route that best suits you and your personality.

If there is one thing I have learned in 2016, it is not to stop 'my car' to justify my actions to someone who doesn't understand my vision or my purpose. I cannot even imagine how much time I have wasted, letting doubt creep in, by doing this in the past. And not just to those who question my journey, but even worse, to myself.

So, this year I strive to be more attentive, more alert and more focused towards my end vision, to take the time to consider the advice of others but to trust that instinct inside that tells me what is right and what is wrong for me, and most importantly, not to be so fixated on the initial plan of action I outlined at the start of 2017. 'There is winning and there is learning', it's okay to detour and it's okay not to achieve the preliminary plan - because sometimes, just sometimes, when we are fully open to growing and evolving, that dream can become bigger that we ever imagined, and achieving it can become closer than we think!

Happy New Year!!
December 30th, 2016

With the Christmas madness coming to a close and a New Year about to begin, it gives me great pleasure to present a brand new project coming to our Vocal Studios - one that I hope will fill you with inspiration, motivation and a greater understanding and sense of direction for your unique purpose.

While Christmas is a wonderful time of year for family and friends, it can also be a sad and lonely time - reminiscing on loved ones who are no longer around and battling with the expectations this season can impose on us. For many, the greeting of a New Year can also have this same effect!

Despite the old cliché of making empty New Year resolutions and worrying about all the things I haven't done, in recent years I have begun to really enjoy this time of year. For me, it is a time of true reflection and forward planning - figuring out who I want to become, what I want to deliver and how I might best achieve this. It is for this reason, that I have chosen NOW to launch our brand new 'On The Couch' sessions.

It is with an eager heart that I invite you all to check out our first episode with none other than International Performer Randolph Matthews, as he talks about Artistic Branding and Evolution. I hope this will assist you in the reflection and planning of your own vocal journey and take you that one step closer to fulfilling your goals and ambitions for 2017.

Wishing you all a wealth of happiness, success and abundance in all you strive for this coming year and a sincere THANK YOU for all your support in 2016!

May the road continue to rise for you!

Student Showcase Mannequin Challenge
December 18th, 2016

Mad About The Voice Ireland and Spiritus Studios attempt the Mannequin Challenge during our Student Showcase sound check last weekend!!!! :D

Showcase Rehearsal Sunday!!
November 28th, 2016

A huge THANK YOU to Sean Rowland from for all his time and patience today during our showcase rehearsal, and of course to all our singers, backing vocalists, parents and carers who took the time out of their day to make this happen!

The studio is a bit of mess but ye are all sounding ACE!!!!!

#december11th #studentshowcase #bethere

Wow!!! What an absolute FANTASTIC day yesterday
November 21st, 2016

Wow!!! What an absolute FANTASTIC day yesterday - between our Industry Stage Performance and Charisma Workshop with the one and only Randolph Matthews followed by a jam session with the superbly talented PLAY house band - where some our singers followed Maestro Randolph and (let's face it) totally KILLED IT with their newly learned skills!!! I am feeling incredible proud and blessed!!

Preparations for Christmas Student Showcase continue
October 27th, 2016

Preparations are already underway for our upcoming Christmas Student Showcase!!!

Can you believe it has already been 2 months since Ultimate Artists 2016 took place?! I, for one, can't wait until these four beauties take to the stage again!!

<3 <3 <3

Photoshoot @ The Studio
October 4th, 2016

Wow! Wow! Wow!!! An incredible and HECTIC day at the studio today doing a photo shoot for our upcoming website!

I am blown away over the wonderful support my students gave - posing as models and making tea! AMAZING!!!! Thank you all so so much!!!

Studio is now upside down but photos are looking good!!!!!!